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Written on August 28th, 2019


Last time, I covered what is perhaps the single-most well-known Minecfrat parody off all time. Now, I plan to delve into the (relatively) more obscure territory with this review. As of now, the video has only about 30,000 views on YouTube. This is also a fairly new video, being released less than a week ago. But does that mean that it has improved on the formula?

My ass feels better because I put a pillow on my stool.
The first thing to talk about is the choice of song that Galaxy Goats used*. I'm not a big fan of the song, mostly because I'm not a big fan of the genre. I can't really say it's objectively good or bad, but I will say that the part of the song, where DaBaby throws shade at schools, is completely abhorent. If you are reading this, DaBaby, schools are a gift from God*, and you are a god-damned fool for thinking otherwise.

As for the parody itself, some parts of it fall a bit flat. The vocals in the parody are quite nasaly compared to DaBaby, but that wouldn't be an issue if the vocal track didn't completely drown out the backing track. This is likely to make the lyrical replacement easier to understand on the first listen. And the lyrics aren't really anything to ride home about, a simple story about Galaxy Goats being a boss in a multiplayer server.

The video is absolutely the best part of this parody. Having the guy (presumably Galaxy) having an epileptic fit on a green screen is such a bizzare addition, that it makes the entire video. Everything else in the video is somewhat par for the course: a dudebro slicing guys, stealing diamonds, griefing another dudebro's house. It's just kinda bog-standard. But, what else do you expect? Most of the Minecfrat parodies out there have the same general concept.

Overall, the video has nothing really making it stand out from the crowd, which may explain its low view count. If you like other Minecraft parodies, and you want some comfy viewing, or a simple fun romp, go ahead and watch it.

*BTW, im not christian, don't @ me.